Regular Meeting

Tuesday, February 4, 2003 - 7:00 p.m.

Deer Trail Town Hall


1. Call to Order

2. Roll Call

3. Approval of Agenda

4. Approval of the Minutes

    A. January 7, 2003 Regular Meeting

5. Public Participation

6. Reports

    A. Water/Sewer

        1) Readings

    B. Financial

        1) Budget Reports

    C. Safety Committee

    D. CDBG Grant

    E. GMS, Inc. Sewer Study

7. Approval and Payment of Bills

8. Unfinished Business

    A. Board Vacancy

    B. Water Tower Lease

    C. Galaxy Lease

    D. Stop Signs

9. New Business

    A. Ordinance 213

    B. Bijou Telephone Parking

    C. Park Maintenance Bids

    D. Air Compressor

10. Correspondence

11. Adjournment