Evergreen Cemetery is located on a scenic hilltop about one quarter mile east of town.

The cemetery was surveyed and platted at the same time as the town, November 11, 1875.  It is believed it was used as a burial plot before that time and there were already a number of graves there.  Early maps and records of the cemetery were destroyed in the flood in 1965.

Many graves in the older section on the north and east sides have no markers.  Several graves have markers with no names, some with rock or stone markers from the area.  Approximately 753 headstones are visible with names or parts of names.

The oldest grave with a headstone in view is that of Leonard A. Stanley.  Stanley died Feb. 8, 1876, at the age of 27 years.

Seventy-two veterans of war have been laid to rest in Evergreen Cemetery.  The only Civil War veteran buried in Evergreen Cemetery is William Shoop.

In 2002, volunteers and the Board of Directors of Evergreen Cemetery undertook a large improvement project at the cemetery.  Donations paid to purchase over 200 trees, fence the entire cemetery, including an additional two acres donated by the Helling family, and to construct a cemetery directory which lists the names and location of those known to be interred at Evergreen Cemetery.

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