First records of the Deer Trail School date back to 1876 with an enrollment of 30 students. 

Besides the one-room school in Deer Trail, the district consisted of 11 country schools.

The brick schoolhouse in Deer Trail was finished in 1917.  The large two-story building was comprised of several classrooms, with the class of 1922 being the first to graduate from the facility.  In 1972 an addition was built onto the school which included a library, music room, shop and home economics lab and the football field was constructed.  In 1978 the old brick building was torn down, replaced by a new elementary classroom building, a tennis court, and indoor swimming pool.

For many years, Deer Trail's unique mascot was a "Flying Five."  In the 1970s, it was changed to Deer Trail Eagles.

The Deer Trail Alumni Association hosts an annual celebration each fall honoring past graduates.  The event is held in conjunction with the school's homecoming activities.

The Alumni Association's records of graduates dates back to pre-1922.  More than 890 students have graduated from Deer Trail since that time.

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